Emily Grant

Emily Grant is a creative person who finds pleasure in successfully planning, designing, and executing campaigns for various companies in numerous industries. She earned a technical diploma in high school for Graphic Design, an Associates Degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor's in Business Management with a focus on Marketing. Using these skills learned in school and personal experience, Emily thoroughly enjoys creating content and tracking the metrics of marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Social Media has been a major part of my career. Coming from a graphic design background, social media management has allowed me to utilize my graphic design skills as well as drive my passion for marketing.

From focusing on single brands to working for a firm managing upwards of 50 accounts, creating content and writing copy has become a large passion of mine. I enjoy analyzing the data from campaigns I work on and proving what is successful for what type of accounts and companies.

The example on the right is a campaign I created while working at Displays2go. The goal was to drive up engagement and gain new followers. I created a Reel using Adobe Premier Rush and had followers leave comments with their guess and tagging two other business accounts. Over 50 followers participated and the Reel had over 1,000 views that week. Displays2go also gained almost 100 followers from that Reel alone. Most of the posts on their Instagram account typically had anywhere from 15-20 likes and they gained about 40 net followers on average per month. This campaign was considered very successful.

Below are more examples of other social media and print campaigns I have created throughout the years.

Print Marketing

From promotional flyers and post cards to trade show materials, designing marketing content for print is a classic strategy to get your brand in front of potential clients and existing clients.